Roofing Solutions

2 out of 3 Indians have an Everest roof over their heads.
One billion square meters of industrial as well as residential roofing in India, make Everest a name synonymous with roofing across the country. Following a specially developed fibre cement orientation process, Everest Roofing Sheets are made from superior quality cement and imported fibre. Rigorous quality checks assure longer life and greater durability.

Everest Roofing Solutions include: Everest AC Roofing and Everest Hi-Tech, Everest Rooflight and Metal Roofing. Everest Roofing, which is fibre cement corrugated roofing sheets, are being used extensively throughout the country for factories, power plants, stadiums, schools, urban and rural houses, to name a few. Everest Hi-Tech is a high impact resistance non-asbestos corrugated modern roofing system.

Everest Rooflight - another high quality polycarbonate roofing sheet and Everest Metal roofing, are available in galvalume (bare and coloured), pre-painted galvanized iron. Everest also offers a standing seam profile, which ensures the use of large length sheets without endlaps.

Everest roofing systems consist of:
• Corrugated Fibre Cement Roofing Sheets
• Everest Hi-Tech - Non Asbestos Modern Roofing System with HIPP (High Impact Polypropylene)
• Technology
• Metal Roofing Sheets
• Everest Rooflight – Polycarbonate
• Roofing accessories like Ridges, Gutters, North Light Curves, etc.

A C Roofing

Since 1934, people have trusted Everest with their most valuable assests, their homes, factories and warehouses.
We have covered more than 1 billion sq.m of industrial and residential roofs. Majority of corrugated roofs in India are Everest Roofs.

Everest corrugated sheets are made from the finest quality cement and fibre through a specially developed fibre orientation process. They undergo rigorous quality control – standards which are much higher than ISI – giving you a product of lasting value. They are low maintenance, easy to fix, fire resistant and economical.

Directions for Fixing:
Always use a cat ladder or roof board while working on the roof
Do not use hammer and nail to punch holes in the sheet, as it may crack the sheet
Use only hand drills
After laying each sheet, screw the nuts lightly at first, to hold the sheet in place. When more than dozen sheets have been laid, tighten all the nuts
Do not screw the bolts too tightly on the purlins
Always use good quality bitumen washer
Use of power driven tools for cutting and drilling is likely to induce hair crack in sheets.

The cutting or sawing of Fibre (Asbestos) Cement Products should be carried out in the open and not in a confined place, so as to avoid concentration of dust from the materials. this precaution is recommended as the inhailing of dust in concentration may be harmful for health

HI Tech Roofing

A roof that everyone in the industry looks up to.
Everest Hi-Tech is a unique product manufactured in India using technology from Saint Gobain. It is a corrugated cement roofing sheet reinforced with a blend of strong factory-produced fibres including HIPP (High Impact Polypropylene). These imported fibres replace asbestos to give them high-impact resistance. They meet all international norms of safety, environment and pollution control for building products. Available in a range of colours, these pre-painted sheets require low maintenance and resist the impact of weather, sunshine, UV rays, algae and chemical corrosion.


Save more with every installation.
Since 1934 Everest has pioneered fibre cement roofing in India and has had the opportunity to cover over 1 billion square meters of roofing. Everest Rooflight – another quality product from the house of Everest – is a high quality polycarbonate roofing sheet manufactured using virgin polycarbonate resins through the co-extrusion process. This process and choice of quality raw materials ensures uniform thickness, excellent UV resistance, optimum strength and long life of the product. Everest Rooflight's high impact strength and impressive physical properties, makes it an ideal choice to provide natural light for industrial, commercial and agricultural purposes

Durasteel Roofs

With Strength of Four get beauty protection and more...
Everest Durasteel Roofs are made using metal panels along with high tensile steel. It has a high grade aluminium zinc alloy coating that allows four times higher resistance to corrosion as compared to a galvanized coating.

With high precision roll forming nad component forming machines, you can be assured about the quality, reliability and integrity of Everest Colour Metal Roofing Sheets. These sheets are available in Galvalume (Bare and Coloured) Iron. These are available ina wide range of aesthetic colours for roofing and wall cladding. These roofing sheets also have excellent anti-corrosive and weather resistance properties, thereby ensuring low maintenance and long durability of the roofing system.

Key advantages:
  • Aesthetics: A palette of colours provide you with attractive choices!
  • Durable: Four layers of protective coating ensure high durability.
  • High Tensile Strength: The double-ribbed profile accords it 550 mpa strength, which allows higher spacing of purlins of save streel.
  • Corrosion Resistant: Primer coating on the top offers better resistance to corrosion.
  • Leak Proof: The Anti-Capillary Groove and Return Lap makes the sheets leak proof.
  • High Load Bearing: Two stiffening ribs between the pitch allow better load bearing & section properties.
  • Lightweight: Lighter sheets give you design flexibility with quick installation!
  • Weather Resistant: Equipped for diverse environments & weather conditions.
  • Less Heat Transfer: High reflective value coating help you save energy & money!